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It’s a job for those who want to explore real estate investing without the risk.

What Is A Bird Dog?

A Bird Dog in real estate is a property locator for an experienced real estate investor. A more common term for bird dog is property scout. These individuals hunt for under-priced properties that have strong investment potential. The kind of property that may have strong investment potential are foreclosures and bank-owned properties and some cases abandoned homes. These type of properties are considered distressed and perhaps can be obtained for a good price.

The majority of real estate investors are looking for under-priced properties that need considerable amounts of work. These kinds of properties can have the potential to yield a profit after renovations are done. A property scout is compensated after the purchase of the property is completed. The name Bird dog originated from a hunting practice in which a dog will point to a fallen bird or capture it. In the case of real estate investing, the “bird” is an investment opportunity. Some bird dogs are agents or brokers looking to get into the investor side of the industry. A beginning investor does not need to obtain a real estate license to be a bird dog.

There are a few ways you can find investment property for a real estate investor. First, you can drive for dollars which is a term for driving and scouting for property. Second, if in route to run some errands you spot property that’s distressed, you can write down your findings. Third, and most importantly, ask friends and family if they know someone who wants to sell there home for cash and close quickly. Contact us with your discoveries as the final step. We’ll analyze the properties and reach out to the owners and make an offer. If the closing process goes to completion, you’ll be compensated for your services.

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